I don’t like the idea it was a typo, I think you are onto something!

I hope so. I mean, Simpson and Johnson, while being a little similar in structure, are two totally different names. Plus, they appear alongside one another in the same paragraph, which you’d think someone would’ve caught, provided it was a typo.  

kissofthevelvetwhip replied to your post: So, the other day, I was rereading the revised…


I know, right? I feel like this is an earth-shattering discovery. 

So, the other day, I was rereading the revised first draft of the Twin Peaks pilot (because that’s what normal people do in their spare time), when I came across something interesting. About halfway through, Shelly Johnson appears as Shelly Simpson. Leo, however, is still Leo Johnson. So, what I want to know is, have I just discovered Shelly’s maiden name?


It could also be a typo, but that’s no fun.